1. From the Settings menu, select Manage Users

  2. Click New User

  3. Enter User’s First Name, Last Name and Email address 

  4. Note that the first 2 tabs contain required/mandatory fields: Split Plans and Permission Level

Split Plans Tab – First check off the user's split plan from the field on the right, then assign the Default User Split Plan and indicate the Plan Reset Date here (Required)
Permission Level Tab – select user’s Permission Level here (Required). CommissionTrac has three built in Permission Levels: Agent, Manager, Bookkeeper.

  • Bookkeeper and Manager have the most rights and are able to add/edit/delete vouchers and also have the ability to create new users.

  • Agent has rights primarily within the Voucher creation process and for viewing voucher related reports linked specifically to their user.

Personal Info Tab - Input Hire Date and Agent’s Address and Phone Number here. (Not required)
Fill in Licenses and Notes tabs as desired.  No fields on these tabs are required

*Please note that if 'Send Agent Email to Bookkeeper' is turned on in Company Settings, then the above Account Verification email will be sent to the Bookkeeper for activation of all User Accounts.  If not, the new user will be sent an email with a link to activate their account.

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