Think of CommissionTrac like an assembly line.  It is designed to take you through the voucher process, step-by-step, from the close of a deal, to billing, receiving payments, and paying out agents.  This article aims to give you an outline of the process from start to finish, once CommissionTrac is already setup and ready to use.  (For a walk through of the setup process, check out this article.)

When a new deal comes into the House, create a voucher to input all of the deal data, rent roll, invoicing schedule, and agent commission details into the system.

Some brokerage houses may have an approval process in place to ensure that the right people confirm all of the data before a deal is made active.

Once a voucher is active, see all charges, payments, and adjustments related to it via its receivables ledger.  

Invoices can be generated, and submitted to bill to entities by email or snail mail.  Invoices are generated for each voucher, by date range.  To send a bill to entity a statement of their balance due across multiple vouchers, try a statement.

When a payment comes in, post it through our deposit module.  This automates the distribution to all agents on the deal.  See what is owed to each agent by reviewing their payables ledger.

When the time comes, record your agent payments.  If necessary, you can deduct cost for expenses right out of the agent payments.  

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