At the end of the training process CommissionTrac will send an email to the primary user(s) of a firm to congratulate them on 'going live.'  But what does that mean?

First you should know that this is primarily an internal designation that serves to help the CommissionTrac Success Team keep track of who is still in the Onboarding process and who has graduated out of it.  

Some triggers that CommissionTrac uses to determine if a client is ready to graduate are:
 - initial management training sessions have been completed
- number of active deals in the system matches number of live deals reported in Kick-off call
 - YTD numbers are current (either by manual data entry or by CommissionTrac product team manually inputting them after consultation with firm)
 - Agent Training has been completed (if applicable)

So, you are 'Live' what?

Well, as the email probably mentioned, very little changes from the end user's perspective.  Perhaps the biggest change is that we will no longer be meeting weekly to check-in or get status updates.   CommissionTrac's Success team is still standing by to answer your every question.  We are still available for additional training sessions as needed.  You still have access to our full Help Center, with its many articles, videos, and how-tos.  We will still respond quickly when you reach out with questions, requests, or suggestions.  

We will miss our weekly meetings, but you can reach out at any time to check in.

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