CommissionTrac and Rethink have partnered with Euro Softworks, a certified Salesforce developer, to create integrations for our mutual clients. This integration process will affect our CommissionTrac onboarding process to varying degrees, depending upon your current Rethink status. Setting up the integration is done on a client-by-client basis and will likely add a little to your onboarding timeline.

If you are already using Rethink, it may make sense to push your CommissionTrac Go Live Target date back in order to allow time for ESW to build the integration. HOWEVER, there are a lot of variables.

 - If you have less than 30 live/active deals, it may make the most sense to do the manual entry in CommissionTrac. It’s good practice, and it will likely take less time in the long run. 

 - If you have more than 30 live/active deals, it may still make the most sense to do the data entry—or it may make more sense to wait for the integration. We would be happy to help you analyze this. Factors include: number of deals, accuracy of data in Rethink, current timeline estimate from ESW, and desired Go Live Target date with CommissionTrac.

To help ensure that this process is a smooth one, CommissionTrac and ESW will meet weekly to review the status of each CommissionTrac client currently in the onboarding process.  CommissionTrac will keep our clients apprised of the progress throughout the onboarding experience.

Once ESW has mapped out the integration, CommissionTrac and our client will be given access to a 'sandbox' - a copy of the integrated platforms - to allow our clients to test out the integration and validate the data.  Once this validation is complete and deemed successful, ESW will make this integration live and Rethink deals marked 'Closed - Won' will be available to sync with CommissionTrac.  For detailed instructions on the integration process how to and data maps, click here.


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