CommissionTrac Teams enable your brokerage to organize and group individuals into unique Teams. Teams can be utilized to segment offices, brokers, and locations. Default Commission Share Percentages can be setup to simplify the data entry process and mitigate human error while creating a voucher.

Get Started

Follow these steps to create a new Team for your account. You are able to create an unlimited about of teams for grouping. If you do not see the Teams option available in Settings please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Teams under People

  3. Select New Team

  4. Add a Team Name

  5. Select the Drop Down and add Users

  6. Assign Default Commission Share Percentages to Team Members if applicable

  7. Select Create

Note: If Commission Share Percentages are assigned to Team Members, selecting the Team on a specific voucher will autofill all Team Members and corresponding Commission Share Percentages. These percentages can be edited on the voucher.

Combined Team Commission Share Percentage cannot surpass 100%.

Selecting Teams on a Voucher

  1. Go to the Agents tab of a voucher

  2. Under the Inside Agents section select a Team from the dropdown menu

  3. The corresponding Team Members will autofill in the Inside Agents section

  4. If configured, the default Commission Share Percentages will autofill

Note: Inside Agents and Commission Share Percentages can be edited.

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