From the Settings menu, select Company Settings

Company Tab

  1. Enter company details (company name, phone number, address, etc)

  2. Agent email send to Bookkeeper can be toggled on (click the box on the right) if you would like the Account Verification Email to come to the Bookkeeper when initially setting up Users

  3. Click the Save button in the lower right-hand corner

Voucher Approval Tab

Manage your Voucher Approval process here.  For more details, see this article.

Statements Tab

Save a comment that will print on the bottom of all statements here.  For more details, see here.

Default Bank Accounts Tab

Define your default Deposit and Agent Payment bank accounts here.  For more information on setting up bank information, review this article.

QuickBooks Tab

Set up your QuickBooks Online integration here.  Check out these articles for detailed set up instructions for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.  [PLEASE NOTE: this tab is bring phased out in favor of QuickBooks integrations being managed from our Integrations menu item.

Agent Bonus Tab

Set up your Agent Bonus global settings here.  Review this article for more information.

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