In the Settings menu, click Import.  This will bring up the Affiliates Import screen. On the left, you can download the spreadsheet template. Save it where you can find it again on your workstation, then open it and input your Affiliate data.

Please note:  Company Name and Email Address are both required fields for every line item (and the email address field looks for an actual email address).   Also understand that, it being a CSV (Comma Separated Values) form, you cannot use any commas in your data input.  
Once you have put all of your data in the spreadsheet, save it as a CSV file (not an Excel file!)  

Then go back to the Settings menu, Import, and click on 'Choose File' to navigate to the CSV file you saved.  Then click Upload to import all of the Affiliate data into your CommissionTrac database.  You should see a confirmation window telling you how many files were updated.

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