As you know, you can attach files to Vouchers.  And, certainly, you can return to the voucher to review or download the files as needed.  But, for ease of management, CommissionTrac has a centralized Document Management facility as well.  

Click on the folder icon in the top right of CommissionTrac, between the Help and Settings Gear Icons.

This will open the Voucher Attachments module.  From here, select the Voucher that has the Attachment(s) you are looking for, or put a check mark in the "Select All" box to see a list of all attachments.

Once your initial selection is made, there are additional filter options for each column. Filter by Voucher Name, Voucher Creation Date, or Attachment Name.
Click DOWNLOAD under the Actions menu to download the file(s) one by one.  Or, click the green Download All button to download all vouchers currently listed in the grid.

This Document Management module is available through the Agent Portal as well.  Documents available for download via the Agent Portal already filters to includes only Documents attached to Vouchers to which the logged in Agent is assigned.

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